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Easily Integrate with Fourth Shift ERP

Integrating with Fourth Shift ERP has never been easier! InFSTI® Connector is comprised of a web service that submits transactions to the Fourth Shift (FS) remoting service and records the results in an SQL queue table. A windows service automatically processes new transactions in the queue table and submits them to the web service for […]

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Flourish with MCGI

Information technology either slows down or speeds up your business processes. We prefer the latter. Time is money, markets rise and fall, profits grow and shrink, and IT, or the lack thereof, can provide the critical push to propel gains, or induce losses. With customized architecture, programming, and system support, we’ll provide the necessary capabilities […]

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The Momentum of ProductivITy

Smart high tech solutions are more than a competitive advantage when applied to our clients. In today’s environment, they’re an essential component for success. The Mindlin Consulting Group combines over 100 years of expertise, versatility, discipline, and knowledge to create a team of seasoned professionals who collectively work to move your business in only one […]

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