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Millennials and Manufacturing Don’t Mix; Let’s Reverse the Trend

Those who keep America’s manufacturing industry churning – many of who hail from either the Baby Boomer or Gen X age groups – don’t quite know how to train, attract or retain Millennials. The disconnect among generations isn’t surprising. Let’s consider the following: The G.I. Generation (largely comprised of WWII soldiers) showed Baby Boomers that […]

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Date Calculations in SSRS

When creating SSRS reports and setting their default parameters for dates, I always am trying to remember what functions to input into the parameter’s default value for the date calculations in SSRS which is either in Visual Studio or Report Builder. The below table contains a list of some of the common expression I use […]

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How to do easy rankings in SSRS

I have found this code below to be very helpful when trying to do rankings in SSRS. Public dim Previousvalue as Integer =0 public dim SourceRank as Integer =1 Public Function Rank(sourceValue as Integer ) As Integer if Previousvalue >sourceValue SourceRank =SourceRank +1 else SourceRank =SourceRank end if Previousvalue =sourceValue return SourceRank End Function And […]

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