QR codes on the Shop Floor and how they can save you money.

The electronics market has found that tablets are getting more powerful and less expensive. Meanwhile, wireless barcode scanners still seem to stay in the $400 price range at the minimum. With the use of QR codes on the Shop Floor, you can use tablets as a much cheaper solution when doing such things as cycle counts. If you are worried about the tablet getting ruined just add an Otterbox™ to protect the tablet. An average Otterbox™ case costs $59 so if you purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tablet which now retails for $179 you are only spending $238. Plus the tablet has the Android operating system and since most of the applications are web based it eliminates having to go back and forth to a computer system in another room. All of the results will be easy to read in the 7” screen size wirelessly in the Shopfloor and save time. You can also use the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, or the iPhone4/4s and add the Armour series Otterbox™ case and you will be protected from dust, dropping, water, and even crushing. You can also use those smartphones to work with the web based programs even without WiFi because you would obviously using your carriers data connection. Check out Otterbox™ cases at www.otterbox.com.

About the Author

Dan Mindlin is the President and Principal Consultant and has been with the Mindlin Consulting Group since its inception in 1999.