A Presentation of our Workflow Integration Software inControl


Hello and welcome to this quick explanation of inControl.

The big question about inControl is “What is it?” so we are going to explore what it can do for you and help your business.

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inControl is a powerful and fast web based workflow integration product. What is also great about inControl is that it is Responsive so it can not only work with your desktop or laptop, but is can work with Tablets, Smartphones, and most importantly to some of you watching this Scanners with Windows CE 5.0 or higher. That allows you to collect data right on the floor without having to lug your laptop around or takes notes and run back and forth.

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So let’s talk about some of the main features about inControl. We know that your business is always changing and evolving so you have to add new workflows to your system or change the ones you have. Wouldn’t it be nice in a few minutes create those workflows that your business needs so you can get focusing on growing your business in other ways. That is what inControl will do for you.

Now here are some of the more common workflows that in our experience we create such as Manufacturing Orders or MORVS, Purchase orders or PORVS, Inventory, shipping, etc. Well how about Labor tracking? How about production entry and tracking your rework or scrap quantities? inControl can do that. How about tracking your Inventory Cycle Counts? How about tracking the results of OSHA safety protocols which we have found can be a headache for many manufacturing companies we have worked with? Or do you need to track the ISO certification process? inControl can do all of that!

inControl is also a CMS or Content Management System data collector. If you already have a SQL or “SEEK-WELL” expert you already have the person you need to modify or create those workflows you need. All of the data is stored in Microsoft SQL Stored Procedures so if you have that onsite SQL expert, they don’t have to worry about the inControl interface and just simply write the SQL code. If you DON’T have a SQL expert onsite, we have them so if you need us too we can write that code for you.

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And lastly I want to mention that when you get inControl you get a little more. inControl is part of our inSuite products. inSuite is basically the dashboard that inControl lives on to easily be accessed via a web browser and inControl also includes inFSTI. inFSTI is our product that easily and seamlessly processes your transactions into whatever ERP system you have including Fourth Shift. As you can see in addition to inFSTI we have products such as inFreight which easily integrates UPS, FedEx, and or DHL with your ERP system. inQue allows you to handle batch printing with ease using multiple printers and multiple permissions. And inPrespective which is our SQL reporting package suite.

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The Mindlin Consulting group also has a lot more products that may fulfill your business needs and to find out more give us a call at (888) 330-7563, visit our website at https://mindlinconsulting.com, and be sure to check us out on these Social Media sites as well. Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you meet your business goals in the near future.

About the Author

Dan Mindlin is the President and Principal Consultant and has been with the Mindlin Consulting Group since its inception in 1999.