inPerspective Management Reporting Suite

inPerspective Reports Deliver the Relevant and Accurate Information You Need to Manage Your Business!

  • Built on Microsoft BI technologies, inPerspective Reports leverage the power of data warehousing / mining to deliver consistent results across all reports with optimal performance. Leveraging a standard data warehouse also means that operational data from other systems can easily be integrated into the solution.
  • Reports are designed as logical top down modules—top level summaries / graphs that drill down into mid-level summaries which in turn drill down into operational details—that allow you to quickly identify problem areas and then drill down into those areas to the detail that explains it. This means you do not have to print out long detail reports to do your analysis, saving you time and expense (not to mention a few trees!).
  • As inPerspective Reports leverage Microsoft SSRS technology, reports may be printed, exported to PDF, Excel, Word, HTML or delivered via email subscription to an individual or distribution list or saved to a network or web share to keep your intranet updated
  • inPerspective Reports have been designed with all of the dimensions you will need to apply filters and sorts to create any version of a report you need. Also, format free versions are available to provide easy downloading of the data behind the reports into excel for further analysis.