Workflow / Integration

Turning Processes into Profits

You may have multiple workflows that are not completely fulfilling your business goals. With our many years of consulting experience coupled with our leading edge products and workflow applications, we can get you on track to achieve those goals and boost profits.

Workflow / Integration

Custom Automated Workflows = Success

Workflow plans can veer off course when they're taken from the drawing board to the manufacturing line. To avoid this issue, we implement a variety of automated workflow software applications, including inControl, NServiceBus, EDI, ESB, Visibar and more. We customize these applications to your specific business workflow needs and keep every process on track and easy to manage.


Web-Based Data Collection with Unlimited Workflows


Using Responsive design allows the exact same software to work on desktops, tablets, phones and handheld scanners. Create a workflow once and use it in many places.


The data collected from your floor needs to be delivered in a quick and efficient fashion. With inControl you will have the speed and flexibility to ramp up data collection and implement custom workflows with ease. Pushing transactions to our FSTI Connector will enable your data to flow seamlessly into the Fourth Shift ERP.